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Our Infinite Minds is a sanctuary for you to indulge in positive and uplifting communications

We provide:

  • Meditation and Yoga Classes
  • Free Meditations Online

Our main intention is to spread light and infuse a daily dose of positivity and grace into your life. Yes, we know that’s very broad… but as the name says “Our Infinite Minds”. We are a very open-minded collective of special individuals; your suggestions, comments and feedback are welcome by us, in fact we want them so we can shape our media posts to your preferences, after all you are the reason we are here.

Another one of our intentions that fits nicely within “spreading light” is to raise your awareness and uplift you physically, mentally and spiritually. Believe me when I say, we have looked for the magic pill and it does not exist. It takes a little work and discipline to achieve and maintain a healthy higher state of consciousness all the time especially in these times.

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Do you know what a little work and discipline is? It could mean 15 minutes daily. More is great! less is fine, just as long as you do it with the right intention.

By now, the question has grown in your mind… “what is it that I should do?” Ok let’s get to it. What if there was a science and technology of the human body, mind and spirit. Different sets of exercises and meditations that can enhance, improve or remove the specific personal issues you are facing.

Well you may be surprised when I say this, YES! it does exist! and has been around for thousands of years. It has been kept secret for most of that time and only in the last few decades have been revealed and taught openly. I am talking about The Yoga of Awareness. Why would something like this be kept secret? That’s something to think about and come to your own conclusions. We are more concerned with spreading this knowledge and helping you to achieve a higher awareness in your daily life.

To learn more about the Yoga of Awareness click here or browse these websites from reputable sources.
3HO Foundation
IKYTA, International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

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