Meditating in Sequoia National Park

Amandev is a teacher of The Yoga of Awareness in New York.

He has been aware of yoga and meditation at a very young age and has been practicing yoga throughout his life. Amandev knows first hand how yoga and meditation can have a positive impact on one’s life. Like anyone else he has ups and downs in life; however he always found his way back to centeredness through yoga.

Throughout his life Amandev has always kept a high integrity for truth in the way he lives. This integrity has made him a beacon of light who inspires and motivates the people around him. He is a spiritual person and has a deep compassionate understanding.

Amandev’s light and calmness can be felt by others and inspires a rare connection with people of all backgrounds and paths. His manner is simply about enjoying life, making those around him feel happiness and satisfaction with life. His goal is to raise the consciousness of people he meets to love, respect and abundance.

Amandev also practices the healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan, “deep relaxation in the divine name”.

Peace, Love & Light


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