The Times

In this time, the Age of Aquarius, awareness, information and energy rules! People want wisdom, this is obtained by knowledge and experience. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Experience.The Teachings

The times are changing, the energy frequencies around the earth are changing, the weather on our sun has gotten more and more eruptive. People’s thoughts and perspectives are changing faster as the veil of maya is recognized and truth revealed.

These changes affect us all! People are becoming more emotional, stressed and have less tolerance for being manipulated or conformed to norms that are not aligned with Truth.

Millions of people are fighting for there rights and lives around the world, they refuse to sit back and work for or be governed by greedy, exploitive individuals of low integrity. There are sustainable and respectable ways to achieve the same objectives.

The ploys of the past Piscean Age has put millions of people in debt and in a struggle to provide the necessities, like food and drink for themselves and their children. This results in high stress, irrational behavior and creates more chaos in people’s life.

At this crucial point the person needs to find a coping mechanism and the next step determines the level and longevity of their happiness.

There are only a few ways to deal with this stress that can actually help one thrive and excel in this environment. All of these ways revolve around self-development, including physical, mental and spiritual well being.

One of the best ways to deal with the times is to practice the Yoga of Awareness and Meditate.Amandev

The Yoga of Awareness is an ancient technology that empowers the practitioner. It raises one’s consciousness thus creating an expanded awareness. Its wisdom spans from a way of thinking, to meditation, mantras and kriyas for alleviating or removing specific issues or blocks one may be facing.

You have acquired many self-improvement books and programs, honestly tried to put them into practice, and still little or no results… It’s not that the books are wrong or a waste, the reality is that your pattern of thinking and acting, your system, still remains mostly unchanged. You need to recognize these and change your perceptive and responsive behavior patterns. It can only be done if you become more aware in recognizing them so you can take the right action and train yourself.

To learn more about the Yoga of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga please click here or browse these websites from reputable sources.